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Depart Cairns
approx. @8:00
(@7:30 ex Beaches)

Introductions are made all around to set the tone of the day, a day out with a bunch of mates.  After a brief explanation of the days’ activities we soon arrive at our first destination.


Stoney Creek


Part of the Barron Gorge National Park, Stoney Creek was originally Cairns’ drinking water source. Now it’s an incredible place to introduce the Tropical Rainforest.

Here we enjoy an informative walk following the crystal clear creek. The canopy closes in, the smells, sounds and atmosphere of the rainforest surround us.

After our refreshing wake up walk, we start our climb up the Great Dividing Range.

City View Lookout



We’re back in the vehicle, climbing the mountain range behind Cairns. Small glimpses of the city can be seen through the trees. And now we arrive at the lookout.

The panorama of Cairns City is revealed. Views over Trinity Inlet and out towards Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef can be seen.

Lake Morris


Morning Tea is enjoyed while taking in the beauty of Lake Morris. The tranquil waters of this man made marvel are framed by Lambs Range, a small part of the 900,000 hectares that make up the Wet Tropics World Heritage Listed Tropical Rainforest of Northern Queensland.


Dinden National Park


After unlocking the gate we cross over the dam wall and suddenly loose civilisation (and all the other tourists) .  4Wd is locked on and our journey into the vastness of the Rainforest begins. Jurassic Park is a statement heard quiet often on tour…

We follow a seldom used logging track, into the traditional homeland of the Tjapakai people.

We are now travelling back in time. A living museum.  Plants and animals that no longer survive anywhere else on the planet still inhabit this area. The rare Cassowary, Musky Rat Kangaroo, Boydes Rainforest Dragon and the Giant King Fern are found nowhere but here

Marvelling at the immenseness and natural beauty of the surrounds, we cross through five water crossings and arrive at our lunch spot.



A buffet lunch is served Alfresco in the middle of the forest on the banks of the Clohsey River.

The sounds of the stream and the birds are our background music.  A unique lunch spot you won’t  forget…

Clohsey River Fig Tree


After lunch we take a boardwalk adventure. The biggest birds nest you will ever see, an amazingly beautiful water feature, a tree you think is the biggest you have ever seen, until you see the surprise at the end of the boardwalk.

A 900 year old Strangler Fig Tree. This tree has strangled, killed and eaten another tree. Definitely a jungle in here…

Aussie Bush


After two more water crossing the rainforest disappears suddenly. Now we have crossed to the other side of the Great Dividing Range. Landscape and the weather changes dramatically.

We are now in the Aussie Bush, eucalyptus trees and giant termite mounds are the new features.

One more water crossing and we find the highway again and civilisation ( well Ice Cream anyway)


Emerald Creek Ice Creamery All of a sudden, seemingly out of the middle of nowhere an ice cream shop appears.

Not any normal ice cream, but 45 handmade tropical ice creams made from the local produce grown in this area. This is a great place to purchase a locally made souvenir.


Davies Creek Falls


Our afternoon break is followed by another landscape change. On our way to Davies Creek  Falls we touch on the edge of the Aussie Outback as we head to the top of the waterfall for an afternoon cool down swim.

The waterfall itself is an amazing, but it’s our secret natural rock pool at the top which is the surprise.

This pool is so incredible that a beer commercial has been filmed there! What more of a recommendation do you need?

Barron Falls


On our way back to Cairns we stop off to see where all the streams we’ve see all day join, the Barron River. The falls at 68 meters high are a spectacular sight.


Pretty Faced Wallabies No Australian adventure would complete without seeing a wallaby or 200. So we do finish the day with a quick visit to the wallabies at Trinity Beach. Who doesn’t love a macropod?


Back to Cairns

Approx @17:00

Days over.  Hopefully  everyone has been  awed and educated and left with a great memory of their day out with Wilderness Eco Safaris

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